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  • Denbigh & Clwyd Angling Club

    The club provides wild brown trout fishing as well as sea trout and salmon fishing on the River Clwyd and its tributaries; the rivers Clywedog, Elwy, Ystrad and Wheeler and in total has about 15 miles of single and double bank fishing plus a club lake with a good population of wild brown trout. Membership also provides access to several other rivers and lakes in North Wales, including autumn and winter grayling fishing.

    All the fisheries controlled by the club are managed as wild brown trout fisheries and the club operates a voluntary catch and release policy, but nobody will frown if you want to take one for the pot from time to time. Our salmon fishing can be good but our sea trout fishing is excellent and the River Clwyd is consistently classed as one of the top four sea trout rivers in Wales based on Environment Agency annual catch returns.

    Sea trout start entering the river system from June onwards but the best months are from August through to the end of the season in October. Night fishing for sea trout is allowed but many are also caught during daytime.

    In addition to annual membership, the club also provides a limited number of day permits, and membership application forms can be downloaded from the club's website or obtained from Foxons Fishing Tackle Shop in St Asaph. Day permits can also be obtained from Foxons Fishing Tackle Shop or purchased directly via the club's website.

    Full details about the club and the fisheries it controls can be found on the club's website as well as contact details for officers of the club if more specific information is required.

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    River Clwyd and tributaries, North Wales

    07527 402291


    Open All Year

    Denbigh & Clwyd Angling Club