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  • Eddystone Eel

    Welcome to Eddystone Eel - Home of lure fishing since 1973!

    Ever since our original Eddystone Eel sandeel lure was launched back in 1973, we have seen anglers around the world catch amazing fish! With 10 record fish to our name including the UK Bass record, we know what it takes to make a truly record breaking, award winning lure.

    Our original Eddystone Eel lure works just as well today as it did almost 40 years ago, and the new generation of lures like the Natural Sandeel, Eddystone Eel 2010 and most recently Eddystone Eel 2012 have proved to be an instant success.

    Wreck Fishing;Reef Fishing;Sport Fishing


    61 Union Street, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 3NH

    01752 269777