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  • Harescombe Fishery

    Harescombe Fishery was the brain child of owner Chris Ractliffe. It now boasts 4 lakes for both pleasure and match anglers.

    The fishery was formed from a natural valley in the village of Harescombe some 17 years ago. The natural spring that feeds the lakes has never run dry in the many years Chris's family have owned the farm. Hence there is never a problem with water levels during long dry spells (as rare as these are in this country !! ).

    Meadow lake, the top lake, has a good mix of fish from carp, tench bream, roach and perch.

    Pasture, the middle lake, being smaller than the others is ideal for the younger and newer anglers looking to get into fishing. With a good stock of fish it is rarely neccessary to cast far to get into the hard fighting carp that this lake is home to.

    Field lake, the lower lake of the original three lakes is a favourite with both leisure & match anglers. Well stocked with a selection of both carp & silver fish it is not unusual for weights in excess of a 'TON' (100lb) to be weighed in at the end of matches.

    The new 'MATCH LAKE' has been introduced in order to leave the original lakes open to pleasure fishermen at all times. The MATCH LAKE has been constructed to make fishing as fair as possible to all matchmen. It is 13meters from each peg (excluding the 4 corner pegs) to the long, narrow centre island that has been constructed in a way that there are no 'features' that will make one peg any better than the rest. There are 30 pegs on the lake and Fishery Manager Andy Price, a well known local match angler for many years, will be running plenty of open matches aimed at giving everyone a chance to fish this exiting new tailor made lake.

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    Harescombe Village, Gloucester

    Brook Farm, Harescombe, Gloucester, GL4 0XD



    Open All Year