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  • Lenton Lakes Fishery

    Welcome to Our Day Ticket and Members Carp Fishery.

    Lenton lakes fishery consists of two very different lakes which sit side by side on a site just off the A1 near Brampton, Cambs.

    The site is about 1/2 mile from Brampton centre, which contains a decent supermarket. A list of local takeaways who will deliver to site is avaiable upon request. There is a clean toilet on site, however for those who do not like sharing there is the option to hire your own for a small fee. Either the owner or one of his bailiffs are on site regularly.

    The site is open 24/7 and those wishing to fish may just turn up and pay on the bank.

    Although the original lake ( locally known as the A1 pit ) has been in existence for some 40 years or more the lease to the site was only acquired by the current owner in April 2010, who has embarked on an ambitious programme designed to make the site one of the best carp/ mixed fisheries in the area.


    The smaller of the two lakes, is a very picturesque lake of approx three acres. it is surrounded by mature trees and bushes, and has two small islands in the middle. there are 28 pegs all of which are big enough to take a bivvy.

    Having been restocked in Febuary 2011 this lake now contains around three hundred mixed carp up to 26 lbs, bream to 12 lb, tench to 8 lb, along with a good mix of roach, rudd, and perch.

    Since the restock there have been some very good carp caught, together with some of the new tench. During daylight hours, when the sun is showing, carp can be seen in abundance on the surface, and can fairly easily be taken using floating dog biscuit.

    The depths vary from 8/9 feet at the end nearest to the road to around 16 feet at the far end. The bottom is almost entirely silt, with no under water snags and hardly any weed. The water does tend to be rather clear at times.

    Whether you are a pleasure angler, or a serious carp man ( or woman ) we feel confident you will enjoy your visit.



    Adrian Arnett on 07788 409301