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  • Milton Keynes Angling Association

    Milton Keynes is blessed with a wealth of still waters ranging from fertile balancing lakes to former clay and gravel pits. They can provide great sport which helps make an MKAA card such brilliant value. Carp large and small, big tench roach, bream, hybrids, pike, perch, chub and the occasional exotic are all part of the scene. Most are easily accessible and set in the parklands of which MK is so proud.

    The Grand Union Canal wanders through Milton Keynes, MKAA's ticket gives you access to some 9 and a half miles of quality opportunity. Its an ideal place for matches, several nationals have now been held on our section of the cut without a single dry net. So whether you are match fishing or just going for a dabble to develop your skills the cut can be the place to go. The canal does have some hidden treasures for the specimen angler. MKAA's carp record is held by a massive 35-2-0 carp from the canal, double cats and large eels have been captured as well. So when the boat traffic has quietened down why not sneak down and see if you can capture something a bit special.

    Not only does the MKAA ticket give you access to a multitude of lakes and miles of Canal it also give you access to miles of superb river fishing too. Big Barbel, clonking chub, stunning pike are all there. Roach and perch are in abundance don't be surprise if you pick up a river carp. Try trotting, the pole, feeder, the ledger all have been known to produce. In one match one angler caught 78lb of bream in a 4 hour match. In another mach an angler broke the MKAA chub record not once but twice first fish was 6-14-0 which was shortly followed by a huge 7-8-0 fish.

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    The Canal along with Rivers and Lakes in and around Milton Keynes

    MKAA PO Box 3195 Milton Keynes MK3 6Z

    01908 270000


    Open All YearNight Fishing