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  • Newbarn Farm Cottages & Angling Centre

    Enjoy a rewarding day at this picturesque location in the Dart Valley.

    Pleasurable, rewarding angling for beginners and experts.

    Our lakes and ponds, set in the peaceful surroundings of the beautiful Dart Valley, offer some of the most rewarding and pleasant angling in the country.

    Whether you're a beginner, pleasure, or specimen angler, we're pleased to welcome you. You'll find expert advice and rental equipment at our Angling Centre - if you need tuition, all you have to do is ask. The shop also sells bait, tackle essentials, and laminated photographs of your catch!

    Site Facilities:
    1. Shop - food, bait, tackle, tackle hire, tuition.
    2. Lake side Parking.
    3. Fishing shelters beside Mirror Lake and Willow Lake.
    4. Toilets - Gents & Ladies.
    5. Disabled access (limited - booking permitted).

    Licence Information:

    A day licence permits you to use the lakes between dawn and dusk. The lakes are divided up to provide space for juniors, beginners, and experts. They're stocked with carp (common, mirror, ghost & grass), tench, perch, roach and rudd, bream and eels. If you're up for a challenge, come and see if you can beat our current record-holders!

    The site consists of 6 lakes and ponds suitable for all ages and levels of experience.

    Mirror Lake: This is the main carp lake, covering 1.25 acres with an island and underwater plateaus. Depths average 12ft and go to 14ft with shale sides and a silty bottom.

    There are 9 swims with huts plus other swims. The lake is stocked with 200 carp (from 7lb to 29lb), roach, rudd, perch (up to 3lb) and eels (7lb+). The best baits for carp are boilies, pellets, sweetcorn, and floating bread (a killer in summer!).

    Island, Rosie and Lulu pools: These are small pools located near the car park, with depths of up to 6ft. They're specially suited to the young or inexperienced carper, with carp averaging 2- 4lb. There is also roach, rudd, perch and tench to 2lb, great for the keen silver fish angler. The best baits here are sweetcorn and maggots.

    Willow Lake: this pool is about 1/3 acre in size and has many carp (up to 18lb; averaging 6 - 7lb), plus a few ghost carp (up to 18lb; averaging 10lb) and grass carp (to 10lb). The bottom is slightly silty with depths of 4ft - 9ft. There is also bream, roach rudd and perch in this lake. The best baits are luncheon meat, sweetcorn and pellets.

    Lily Lake - this is a small lake, about acre in size, and predominately stocked with tench and bream (to 9lb). Roach, rudd and perch (to 3lb) can also be caught here. The best baits in here are pellets, bread and sweetcorn.

    Carp: 29lb.
    Ghost Carp: 18lb.

    Open all year (shut Christmas eve, day and boxing day). Night fishing by arrangement.

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    3 Miles from Totnes and 2 Miles from Paignton

    Totnes Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 7PT



    Open All YearNight Fishing