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  • Nottinghamshire Fly Fishing Club

    This is a non-commercial and non-riparian fly fishing Club, with Civil Liability and Employers Liability Insurance, offering limited Memberships.

    When Membership opportunities become available, the Committee usually approve Applications subject to reasonable conditions. Persons interested in joining our respected Club can view appropriate Questions and Answers and also download an application form (in .pdf format) using the Membership link on our web page.

    The Committee have agreed and administer within the requirements of our Constitution and Adult Members decide on Rules made thereunder.

    Members are required to the promote the sport of fly fishing including all matters pertaining to promoting, improving and preserving the game fish's habitat, in a manner that maintains this Clubs high sporting and social standards.

    This Club has many activities including, but not limited to, taster-days, fun-fishing days, fishing events, socials, outings, teach-ins (at least one Member holds the 'Adult & Further Education Teacher's Certificate'), and internal practical tuition in fly casting, 'matching the hatch' and field craft.

    In place are both an Equal Opportunities Policy, and Health & Safety Policy including Risks Assessments.

    Our Club has considerable expertise in most aspects of fly fishing and competently gives advice both to individual fly fishers and fly fishing organisations.

    Current Club Members enjoy discounts and/or privileges from various tackle dealers and fishery managers.

    Sport Fishing;Angling Club;Fly Fishing;Trout Fishing

    East Midlands Commercial Fisheries

    49 Kingswood Drive, Kirkby in Ashfeld, Nottingham NG17 8PY

    01623 406002