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  • PowaWalker Ltd

    Welcome to Powawalker!

    Product 2 wheeled trolley. You want a trolley that's light, easy to use, the Cargo is dependable - without it costing a small fortune. Driven by a 12 volt double-life battery, extensive tests have shown that a 120LB pay load can be transported up to 4/5 miles at the touch of a thumb controlled throttle, over even the toughest terrain. We designed Cargo with all these important considerations in mind, and the result is a trolley that'll carry your tackle effortlessly around any lake, river or canal complex and is a pleasure to use. With two wheels the Cargo folds up in one piece for storage.Without any fiddly assembly to worry about you just unfold it, put the battery in place and you're away.

    Driving it couldn't be easier with just one hand you can adjust the variable speed control and guide the trolley along. It's top speed is faster than you'll want to walk around any complex, but it means you'll have ample power for those hills. After a days fishing you just fold it up again, connect it to you charger and that's all until the next time. Unlike Conventional carrier systems the Cargo is designed to accept any box system which can all be carried and secured by the use of conventional luggage bungee.

    3 Wheeled Trolley:

    PowaWalker are pleased to announce the launch of 2 new products for the coming season. Many of you have asked us to produce a 3 wheeled trolley which we have now put in to production, we've gone one step further, not only have we produced the 3 wheeled trolley but we've made it in to a kit form, so that all of our Thousands of customers that have already purchased our trolleys can also benefit from this superb kit. The kit has been designed to bolt directly on to our new generation trolleys.

    4 Wheeled trolley:

    Coming very soon The all New PowaWalker Ranger 4 wheeled trolley will be available very soon this has been eagerly awaited by many carp anglers.We have been field testing this product for nearly a year now and we are finally adding this to our range of active products. Please feel free to call us about these new releases.Pre orders are now being taken for the kit and trolleys we will add your details to our list and call you as soon as they are ready for release.

    Will a Cargo fit in my car?

    It fits alongside any tackle in the boot of nearly every car. Occasionally you may need to unclip the wheels. The design of the wheels incorporates a unique quick release feature making this really easy.

    Can i use any type of box system?

    Virtually any type of box system will fit. However to obtain optimum battery life we recommend that you dont ask your Cargo to carry more weight than necessary. The maximum we suggest is about 50kg.

    Is the battery safe?

    Yes-the battery terminals are securely insulated, making short circuiting just about impossible. The sealed dry cell construction removes all chance of battery leakage.

    How do i change the battery?

    Every Cargo comes with a battery charger. This is simple and totally safe to operate, it will maintain the battery in optimum condition.

    How soon is the battery ready to use again?

    After use the battery needs an overnight charge of at least ten hour.

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    Unit 1, Crown Point, Valley Road, Barham, Kent, CT4 6NX

    0800 612 9066