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  • Revesby Reservoir and Wong Fishing

    We are very lucky because our Reservoir dates back to the 1860s. Its age has two major benefits.

    Firstly there is much mystery to the top sizes of fish. The question is always how big will the next biggest be? That is for you to find out! We were first stocked with carp over thirty years ago. In the winters of 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2010 restocking has taken place.

    Secondly its age means established woodlands surround the Reservoir. The backdrop to the Reservoir is truly breathtaking, a real haven for wildlife.

    We are widely respected because we are a wild fishery. This fishery takes real skill; it is not like so many new fisheries in which any one can catch.

    'If you want a still water where you are almost guaranteed pike action, Lincolnshire's Revesby Reservoir is the place to be.' Improve your coarse fishing, February 2007 Pg 112.

    Our two Reservoirs are set in mature woodland. They both hold an impressive head of Carp, Perch, Tench, Roach, Pike and Bream. Together the two waters cover a whopping 39 acres.

    We no longer run two separate lake memberships. Our one annual membership you purchase will entitle you to fish the Wong and the Reservoir. The Wong has become a running water or a stocking lake, this will guarantee a healthy restocking of the main lake.

    For the £260 annual membership you get:
    - 364 days fishing access to two well maintained Reservoirs;
    - Ability to fish two waters;
    - The right to night fishing;
    - Ample secure car parking;
    - Flushing toilets;
    - Membership to an elite under crowded set up;
    - Own private access code.

    We have restocked this year.



    Revesby Estate, The Estate Office, Revesby, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE22 7NB

    0044 (0)1507 568 395


    Open All Year