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  • Smart Carping Limited

    Angling tuition tailored to all ages and abilities.

    How could I benefit from angling tuition?
    Wonder why other anglers are catching more than you?
    New to fishing & not sure what tackle to buy or use?
    Want to know where the fish are & how to catch them?

    Smart Carping can help you!

    We offer personalised fishing tuition and angling courses to help you achieve the best from the sport and enhance your skills.

    Training courses can be syllabus based or our coaching can be tailored to meet your individual fishing needs in the following:
    - Carp (specimen) fishing.
    - Coarse and match fishing.
    - Cat (predator) fishing.

    Tailored training courses to suit all anglers.

    Fishing Tuition;Coarse Fishing;Carp Fishing


    07864 959163