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  • The Eden Angler

    Welcome to the Eden Angler - my name is Geoff Johnston, I have been fly fishing the rivers of the Eden Valley and the northern lakes of the English Lakes District in pursuit of Wild Brown Trout and Grayling for 40 years. I now offer guided fishing and tuition for beginners, or the more advanced angler, in an area of outstanding beauty, where access can be arranged to some excellent Brown Trout and Grayling fishing on various beats of the Rivers Eden, Eamont and Lowther - all great rivers in their own rights. The Eden, famed for it's Salmon fishing holds very good stocks of fish and lends itself to all the different fly fishing techniques, the Eamont is a very good nymph and dry fly water, and the Lowther, in the beautiful Lowther valley is often the main destination for the dry fly aficionados.

    I can teach the methods that have proved successful for me over the years, methods like upstream nymphing, czech or short line nymph, various dry fly techniques and north country spider fishing. In addition to guiding and tuition on our local rivers I also guide on wild and stocked fisheries in the area.

    Fishing Tuition;Fishing - Lake;Fishing - River;Fly Fishing

    River Eden, River Lowther, River Eamont, Ullswater, Haweswater and small stocked fisheries

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    Open All Year

    The Eden Angler