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  • Weycroft Bridge Fishery

    Weycroft Bridge Fishery is set on the outskirts of the market town of Axminster. It is in the hamlet of Weycroft. The fishery is positioned between two bridges, Weycroft bridge and the railway bridge nearly a quarter of a mile downstream. The fishery runs through approximately four acres of grazing land. It is a very much unspoilt section of the river Axe and is privately owned. There are many interesting features in this stretch of river. Both ends of the fishery contain deep water. The bridge area is over fifteen foot deep in places. Please note that no fishing is allowed from the garden area.
    There are some big sea trout in the fishery and also the occasional salmon will show, some very big.
    Parking is convenient and safe next to the fishery by the cottage. There is a portaloo available, conveniently placed near to the river.
    Tea, coffee, sandwiches and soft drinks are also available. Please note that bacon, sausage and egg sandwiches must be pre ordered.
    We also have bed and breakfast facilities available as our cottage sits on the river bank. We will do a special package for anglers wanting to stay a couple of nights and also fish the river.
    Day tickets must be purchased in advance and there is only one day ticket available per day. This is to give the angler as much opportunity to catch. Cost of the day tickets are £15 each. A special discount will be given on the day ticket if the angler wants to bring a friend along to fish the venue as well for the day.
    Fly and spinning only and the fishery operates a catch and release system. Barbless hooks must be used at all times.

    Fishery;Fishing - River;Fly Fishing;Trout Fishing

    Axminster, Weycroft, river Axe

    Stretford Cottage, Chard Road, Weycroft, Axminster, EX13 7LN

    01297 32095, 07960229726, 07951402717