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  • bevo's bait

    Carp boilies and carp bait at Bevo's Bait Bevo's has been established since the mid eighty's although we then ran under a different name. We was infact the first company to offer a boilie rolling service to the public and trade and have rolled boilies and still do roll boilies for several major bait companies. We also offer a range of our own hand rolled carp boilies, pop-ups, glugs and have a selection of popular pellets and prepared particles. If you need any information on carp bait. we've got 25 years experience to help you out because we are the original and still the best!We are a three generation family business established back in the mid eighty's all be it under a different name, I believe we were in fact the first company to roll boilies for the public commercially. We have always strived to roll bait as you would your selves and whatever we do for a client is never told to anyone else. We still hand roll all the boilies there for using the original base mix supplied. Well time moves on and this year we are opening up into the bait business in a big way with some old favourites and a couple of new mixes that we have been using very successfully over the last couple of years. John jnr (bevo) age 44 is the main back bone of the business in charge of mixing and rolling, he has been doing this for the last 20+ years and knows what it is all about, and with 30 years of fishing experience knows what it is the angler wants. Colin (The Colonel) age 42 has also been helping in the firm over the last 20 years, although he only started serious angling this year with four of his mates, all being new to it I decided to give them the job of field testers. What a result they have had, click here to read about it.Ed age 26 been fishing since he could walk and a very proficient carp angler he is over 150 carp banked in 2007 and this year even better his results will be on the news page in due course. Ed is our field tester and knows what it is all about. He has helped in the firm since a schoolboy. John Snr age ancient been around fishing since a lad serious carp angling since the early 60's,fished quite a few syndicate water's and day ticket water's now settled on the Conn's' in the Coln Valley, done a lot of fishing in Holland & France and now owns a 20 acre Lake in France (Cas-en-Lac). Knows a bit about bait and what the angler requires, but with the welfare of the fish in mind hence all our bait is designed around quality for the fish and the angler. Always ready to give advice when and where it's wanted.

    Fishing Supplies;Carp Fishing

    Higham Kent

    Unit 6F, Nuralite Ind Centre, Canal Rd, Higham Kent ME3 7TA

    01474 824600 mob 07511 553569