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Taswood Lakes
Taswood Lakes Lodge Cancellation 1st June 2013
Just a quick email to let you know i have just had a cancellation for one of our 2 bedroom lodges on the week commencing Saturday 1st June 2013. (Prices are �275 per person if fishing and �175 if not fishing). If you are interested then please get in touch.

Framlingham Fisheries
Framlingham Fisheries Winter Newsletter
Special Offers
Roach 4000 4-6" �1000 plus an additional 1000 3-4" roach free
Roach 1000 6-8" �1000
Roach 2000 6-8" �2000 plus an additional 1000 4-6" roach free
Bream 2000 4-6" �1000 plus an additional 500 3-4" free
Bream 4000 4-6" �2000 plus an additional 1000 3-4" free
Delivery would be free of charge. VAT must be added to all prices.
Stocks are good and we can continue to maintain our very competitive prices. A full price list can be downloaded at
We are the country's biggest suppliers of paddle wheel aerators. Keeping ice away can help safeguard a fishery, as well as allowing fishing to continue bringing in extra revenue. We hold them in stock for immediate delivery and can advise on installation to fit your requirements.
Sales of our fish shelters go from strength to strength. We have supplied nearly 100 to the Lake District National Park to help preserve fish stocks. Other installations have also been featured on the BBCs 'Countryfile'. Check out our sister site
Netting and Electro Fishing
Having been involved in netting or electro fishing hundreds of lakes, ponds, rivers and canals, we can advise you over the telephone or by email, if we can help with moving or removing fish. We also survey fisheries.
We have been involved in stocking nearly half the countries fisheries over the last 30 years. We know what makes a successful and unsuccessful fishery and can help you if your fishery is not living up to expectations. Simply throwing more fish at a fishery at times does not work, working with your current stock and improving their conditions is often the key. Have a look at our website for more information on how we can help.
Chalk and Feed
Chalking is a simple cost effective way of improving a fishery. This is particularly true with lakes which suffer from a lot of leaf or are highly stocked fisheries. The chalk improves the water quality, which in turn supports a greater volume of fish. It is very easy to double the stock on a fishery by supplementary feeding. By introducing feed on a regular basis in the warmer months of the year, fish stocks can be dramatically increased, resulting in superior fishing.