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Grahams Pond Huntingdon
Saturday 30 July 2011
Match result Thursday.
Again there was not the required number of contestants for this event to go ahead. But there was a club match the other day and I do have a few details.
1st peg 9, 23lb-7oz, 2 Carp for 9lb and Crusians
2nd peg 2, 21lb 14oz 1 Carp for 7lb and Skimmers
3rd peg 7, 18lb-2oz, Crusians & Skimmers
9 anglers fished and 8lb was last.
To report your catches, not just to me, but to your local tackle shop. The reports are very important, it is the only way information is passed on to other anglers. The info required is the peg number that you fished. The bait that was used, the species and general size of what you caught.
When you ring the land line, there is a very good chance that you will get the answer phone. Please leave a few seconds to put your number in when prompted. I will ring you back. And remember, a 10p call will save �1.0 when you come fishing. That's a good saving, don't you think?
If you have the time, book in by email. Try and leave 24 hrs if you can. I will confirm your fishing, and you save �!.0.
I will also answer your inquiries, and questions by email on a 1 to 1 basis.
The fishing platforms on Section 2 have had a makeover. Some have been change while others have been repaired. It is also hoped to cut the grass and the banks from peg 20 to peg 1. It may be necessary to close pegs 20 to 24 for about 3 hrs. Also parking will not be permitted when these pegs are being dealt with. This work is dependant upon the weather, and my health after my accident. So keep a eye on the gate before coming on site.
Saturday 23 July 2011
Kids do.
As you are aware, we had 12 kids come fishing, some for the first time. All the kids needed some extra, not just with fishing, but with all the things that you need in like to get by with. On the way to the fishery I had a accident when I went over the handle bars of my bike when I hit a pot hole that was filled up with water that I thought was a puddle. So sorry to those that was there for this event for me not being there, as I needed medical treatment. I understand that all the kids got some fish, and one lad go for the first time got 9. All the kids left with some fishing tackle of some sort or other. Anglers that was fishing over the weekend, and Monday got free fishing so that was a bonus to them.
Match result Thursday 21/7/11.
Yet again there was not the required number of anglers for this event to go ahead. However the match season is fast coming to a close. Then major improvements will start.
Peg improvements.
Peg 15 has a new fishing station, the old one was a bit lumpy, and uncomfortable to fish from, so that is done. Other pegs in section 2 also need some attention, so this work is ongoing, and will be completed by next weekend. (I hope).
Water Lilly's.
Some of the water Lilly beds are still a bit on the big side. Some of these was reduced last autumn, and work stopped on these when they dyed back. When my injury is all mended, this work will continue. So if you want some lily's free for your garden pond, or you now of a lake or pond that would benefit from some free lily's, let me now and you will be able to come to the pond and pick them up. You will need a strong bag to put them in as they will be messy.
Saturday 16 July 2011
Thursday match result. 14/7/11
This event did not happen this week, because of a lack of contestants.
Saturday kids do. 16/7/11
There will be a report on this event next week.
The Plumb-it Challenge 2012
Somex that got into this years match at the last minuet have changed there name for next years competition. They want to be known as leisure for all, and they have put in 2 teams for next year. The competition is for teams of 5, and is fished on a knock out basis. The wining teams keep going into the next round. All the matches are fished on a Sunday, and pegs 1 to 10 are used for all the matches. For the 2 teams that get to the final, well they are of to the pub were a buffet will be laid on for them. The losers will take home a memento, and the winners, well there are all sorts of goodies that they will take home with them. So get your mates together, and put a team in. By the way, there is a 16 team limit, and at the time of righting this, 10 teams are lining up for next years match so far. Just drop me a email with the name of your team to get entry. There is now entry fees, and you do not need to register your anglers. The only cost is �4.00 when you fish, and all matches are fished at the pond. The line up so far are. Leisure for all (y) = Leisure for all (z) = Gk Spitfires = Golden Knight = Wagon & Horses (a) = Wagon & Horses (b) = Fishy Fun = Kings Arms (a) = Kings arms (b) = River Bed.
Thursday open match, draw 8/30. fishing from 9/30. �24.0 all in.
Newsletter 09/07/2011
Match result Thursday 7/7/11.
Nick Olhmann (fishy fun) fishing one of his favourite pegs made the most of a bad day at the office. The morning was fished in very heavy rain, but Nicks peg 12 found some Skimmers. Nicks peg was messed up when Carp manage to get the better of Nick, but his 14lb-2 oz got him the win. Next to him in peg 11 was Graham Marsh. Graham fished pellet for a net of Crusians to finish with 11lb-7oz. However Graham lost 2 very good carp when his G Point hooks brook on the bend, costing him dearly.
3rd place went to Trevor Stocks in peg 9. Trevor's brolly was broken so sat there getting wet and by lunch time he had had his fill of rain so went early, but his 10lb-3oz got him the place.
Entry is now open for teams of 5 to enter next years competition. The competition is restricted to the first 16 teams that want to enter. Clubs /factories /offices / pubs or just groups of friends can have a go. The draw is not until next April, and fishing will start in May. So far there are 9 teams entered for next year. So if you want to enter your team, just email me back as soon as you can.
Fixtures 2012
Is now being planed, and the pond web site will be the fist to be done. The booklets that you get when you come to the Pond, or sent to you by post will be available soon. Club bookings for next year should be made now so that you get the dates that you want.
School Visit.
As I mentioned last week, a school want to come for the day next year. However we don't have WC facilities. So I went to Anglan Water and they are happy to let the school use there facilities, along with there canteen for lunch. The next stage is for the school to make a appointment with me to check out the building and all that can be provided and make shore that it is suitable for them.
There is also a very good chance that I can get them a biodiversity team for there visit next year.
Kids do
We started collecting the tackle that you don't use last year if you remember. On Saturday 16/7/11 from about 12 noon, all this tackle will all be given to a lot of kids that is coming fishing for the first time. All the kids need extra help? The stuff that they are fishing with is on lone, but all will take back some tackle of there own. There will be a lucky peg draw, as there peg is called out, they can pick what they want, and will continue until all of it is gone. COME AND SEE FOR YOUR SELF.
Fixtures Thursday open match, draw 8/30, fishing from 9/30, �24.0 all in.
Saturday kids do pegs 1 to 13 all day. Day tickets available on pegs 14 to 24.
Contact Points.
Tel 01480351034
Mobile 07879000544

Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery Report
Cooler, wet weather has improved the fishing no end. The lake is clearing well now and fish are up in the water once more. Early mornings and late evening time has seen the fish feeding hard at the surface, where hatches of olive buzzer's, sedges and damsels have been extensive. However during the day, be prepared to fish deep again, especially if the sun comes out. Pulling tactics will score heavily on fast sinking lines, in conjunction will flies such as cats whisker's, blobs and boobies! Finding the depth is critical when targeting the daphnia feeders!
One angler who has been very successful fishing early mornings is John Gardner from Morecambe. Over 3 visits John has fished from the boats in the North basin and taken 14 rainbows and browns to 3lb+. John fished from the boats and took all his fish on an intermediate line and gold head lime green lure. John also took a few fish deep on worm, when the fish disappeared from the surface! Good angling!
Jim 'Dusty' Miller is also getting into the fish taking 12 rainbows and browns, again to 3lb+, over 2 visits. Jim also took all his fish from the boats and on similar tactics to John. However all Jim's fish were taken in the top 6 feet of water.
Visiting angler James Day from Northamptonshire, fished around the weather buoy in the North basin and took 4 rainbow's to 4lb+ from the boats. James employed a Di-5 line and cats whisker combination!
Also visiting from Italy Federico Buccelli and Giampaolo Grimaldi took 5 rainbows between them. All the fish were taken on worm and all in the 2-3lb range, fishing 20 feet down from the boats.
Best bank fishing is off the point opposite the ticket office or the boat house stretch on the eastern bank. Indeed Stuart Law from Bala in North Wales fished sliding float and worm off the opposite point and took 7 rainbow's and 1 brownie. The best rainbow tipped the scales at 5lb 2oz!
The children are starting to break up from school and have been fishing with their usual enthusiasm. There has been some very nice fish taken too! James Hyde and Jamie wood from Doncaster, fished around the cages area and deep water fishing 15 ' 20 feet down with worm to take these 3 crackers.
Also Matthew Whitehead, 8 years old from Carlisle fished similar tactics to take this cracking rainbow.
However star of the show was 3 � year old Joe Tansey, who took his first ever trout, while fishing with his dad. The fish was again on worm from the boats. Look at his face ' hooked for life!
Heat 6 of the Masterline Walker and Pure Fishing sponsored Esthwaite Water Open Pairs competition was contested last week. Four pairs fished the heat and two qualified for the final to be held on Sunday 25th September. In second place Bob Swann and Colin O'brien weighed in 3 rainbows for 6lb 10oz. In first place the reigning pairs champions from 2010, Peter Crowe and Ernie Craster weighed in 5 rainbows for 11lb 15oz. Well done to both pairs. Peter and Ernie certainly had it cracked that day, marking off 20 feet of line and fishing deep with cats whiskers. They took 5 solid fish to earn their place, once again in the grand final!
For up to the minute information telephone 015394 36541. For all other information log onto
The water clarity is gradually clearing and sport is improving no end, however the fish remain deep, very deep and are still feeding on the daphnia blooms. The fly anglers are finding it tricky, with Di-7's and Di-8's fished in conjunction with lures such as cats whiskers and blobs from the boats, that are encountering the best sport. Early starters and late finishers are encountering some brief windows of surface action as fish come up for hatches of buzzer and sedges. Worm fished 20-25 feet down though is by far the most productive method at present, with some superb sport reported, especially from the boat fisherman.
Indeed Gavin and Neil Tomaselli from the North East took 4 cracking rainbows to 3lb on deep fished worm from the boats.
Also fishing the same method season ticket angler John Gardner from Morecambe took 8 rainbows to 4lb+, again from the boats.
Sam Towers from Windermere experienced a hectic session, catching 9 rainbows to worm fished at 25 feet depth from the boats.
Also fishing the same deadly method, from the boats, season ticket holder Richard Maddox took 6 rainbows to 3lb 8oz.
Meanwhile Jonathon Higgins from Stourbridge fished boobies on a fast sink line from the boats to take 3 rainbows to 4lb+ and a 2lb brownie.
The last heat qualifier of the open pairs is to be fished on Saturday 9th July. Anyone wishing to fish the heat should contact the fishery to book a place. The entry fee is �35 per angler and the sponsors Masterline Walker and Shakespeare are giving away a Rovex reel case worth �19.99 to each contestant, so don't miss out!
The last discounted tuition day also takes place this weekend Sunday 10th July, however it is fully booked. However if there are any groups of 6 anglers that want to participate in an additional tuition session, please contact the fishery and a separate day can be arranged.
Hawkshead Angling Club still have a few places left for the 2011 season. The club which is affiliated to Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery charges �135 for adults and �31 for juniors. Once you are a member you qualify for a 60% discount on boat prices at the fishery ticket office. If you would like to join but not until 2012 then please phone Emma Macintosh on 015394 36116 or email and put your name down on the waiting list!
For the very latest information on the fishing telephone the ticket office on 01539436541.

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