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Grahams Pond Huntingdon
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Sunday 28 August 2011
News extra.
The match that is planed for 11/9/11 between Kens northern hopefuls Vs the Spitfires has expanded. Fishy Fun based at St Neots have requested entry to the match, and this has been excepted. Any more teams want to join in. The fee is �8.0 all in. Pegging fee has been reduced to �3.0, with a �5.0 pools. team captains to decide on the pay out before the match starts. You have up till next Friday (9/9/11) to let me now, maximum is 4 pr team.
World Championships.
Here me and Stan Binge on Huntingdon community Radio live on 104 fm at 3 pm within the next 2 weeks. Agenda, the world championships, and locale fishing. I don't now if your inquiries by telephone will be allowed on the day, but there number is 01480 414104. You can also get them on line and listen to the show. As I do not now when Stan will be back from the big match, I cant give you a date, but it will be the first available Saturday after his return.
Saturday 27 August 2011
Ken Hannan.
And his northern hopefuls will be down from Manchester to collect some water Lilly's. These are again of to Maceys lakes at Bury. This time they are bringing down there tackle and bringing with him some of the strongest anglers from that part of the UK. The date has been set for 11/9/11. The draw will be at 7 am, and fishing will be from 8 am, until 1 pm. They will be taking on the Spitfires. The Spitfires have only lost one match at the pond this year. And that was the final of the Plumb-it earlier this year.
The Plumb-it Challenge 2012.
The Royal Oak at Godmanchester, are hoping to enter a team in next years event. This is interesting as the pub over looks the Great Ouse. Apparently they get plenty of pleasure anglers in the pub, but they would like to here from anglers with some match fishing experience Tel 01480453819, or better still drop in and ask for Mark.
remain very good, there has been plenty of Carp reported with fish up to 9lb in good numbers. Crusians are proving hard to get at times now. Anglers are getting 4 or 5 fish in quick time, then they knock it on the head for may be an hour, then you get a few more. This is normal for them, as they are now ready for winter. Roach are still increasing in size, for the last few years, odd fish to a pound have been coming out, and I had one of 1lb-4oz the other day. Bigger Roach have been reported, but not confirmed.
Tuesday 30/8/11, Pond closed for Huntingdon District Council (special event).
Saturday 20 August 2011
Maceys came and got there Lilly's, and have requested some more. I will try and get them for Maceys, but the last lot took a week to get out and should have just taken a few hours, SO DON'T GET OLD. The next time they come down, they will have there tackle with them. They have requested a match and will be lead by Ken Hannan. This friendly match will be on a Sunday morning with a very early start, and finish. Can the following anglers please let me now if they think they may be available. Bob Stobart, Jonathan Birkert, Reg Brown, Alic Badcock.
The grass bank behind peg 3 has had new top soil placed on it, and reseeded. This was another job that should have taken 4 hours to do, but it took me a week. SO DON'T GET OLD.
Mr Cook wants to now why I stopped work at
The work that I used to do on the lake at Hinchingbrooke Country park was knocked on the head when the council changed the gate on the Brampton road. And I cant get my bike onto the site along with the kit to do the job. This is just as well as I have not got the energy to do it anyway.
Old age along with bad health will force some major changes to the pond. It is now time to find someone to take the place over. It would be nice if recreation, education and conservation continue. All proposals will be considered, and interviews will be at the pond by appointment. At the end of this month, there are 20 adults coming with special needs, alone with there helpers. This is the sort of thing that would be nice to continue with, if that is possible.
Remain very good with all species feeding. Tony seal reports a 15lb-3 Carp on meat along with 2 smaller Carp. Reg Brown also reports good Carp along with Tench and Bream, Reg also reports that his 7 & 1/2lb line got busted 3 times with good Carp.
Saturday 13 August 2011
Remain very good, Reg Brown was back again and reports plenty of Carp the best went 6lb. Reg fished peg 23 with pellet as bait. Mick Hughes also fished this week and reports a fish a chuck, mostly Crusians, along with a few skimmers, and small Tench. I also saw Mick lose a Carp when I was on my rounds. Mick also fished pellet in peg 22. Mick described the fishing as manic with a fish every 3 minuets and this lasted all morning.
The very big water Lilly bed that is between pegs 2 and 3 has now been made smaller and is nearly ready for next year. The roots that came out has gone to Macys Lakes, in Berry which is in Lancashire. It may be necessary to reduce some other Lilly beds before winter sets in. If you want any of the roots. let me now, and I will sort you some out. By the way they are free. Over the next few days, the first delivery of top soil will arrive. This will be laid on the big grass bank on section 1 and re-grassed. This will make it much easier for you to get your tackle to the lake, especially if you have a medical condition. There is 2 tones coming, I don't now haw far this will go, or how long it will take. In readiness for this, the rabbit population has been cut back by half over the summer. This was done with Ferrets and hunting birds of pray. So with luck, these improvements wont be to badly damaged before the new seed grows. The wild daisy's that you all like so much will grow thru this new top soil, and other wild flower seeds will also be added to the grass seed before laying. Litter.
2 young anglers got there selves a life ban from the pond. As they left, there was empty drink cans and bottles, as well as carrier bags. They was called back to clear up the mess and put there litter in the bin which was 3 meters away from them.
A spear part for a real, and a pear of scales. THEY CAN BE COLLECTED FROM THE POND.
Saturday 6 August 2011
That was planned for the early part of the week had to be put on hold until the hot weather finished. Indeed pumps was running all afternoons and throw the night, and was turned of at breakfast time. Had I got into the water, it is possible that the gases may not have got out to the atmosphere and deoxygenated the water. This is the same as me polluting the water and may have caused a fish kill. By Friday the humidity had gone down and this work was done.
Reg Brown.
Reports 5 Carp to 8lb and lost another. Other anglers report Bream and Tench to 4lb. Pellet and punched bread are the best baits at the moment. Those fishing for Crusians and Skimmers are getting hammered by 2 year old Bream. Anglers are getting up to 40, 2 year old fish in a day. Plenty of small Rudd on maggots.
The School that wanted to come and spend the day at the pond doing environmental studies still has not got in touch with me. I have arranged for all of them to have there lunch together in a near by office, along with the use of there wash room.
I have been to the school twice now, they need to look at what is on offer, to make shore that it is suitable, if it is not, then there may be a problem finding something to replace it with. A lot of time has been spent on this, not just me, but the managers of the building, and I don't think it very fair of the school to take so long.
Remain very good, the pond is in very good condition and all species are feeding very well. So make the most of the fine weather.

Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery Report
The excellent fishing continues here at Esthwaite, despite some unsettled weather over the last week or so. Fish can still be found deep in the water column, however better numbers of fish have been taken closer to the surface. First thing in the morning and last thing at night has seen good surface presence as the trout take full advantage of hatching damsels, buzzers and sedges. Fry feeding is also in full swing and seems to be frenetic when the fish are gorging on the huge shoals, which are now packing themselves into the shallow bays! Once again some truly superb bags, have been reported over the last couple of weeks.
Hawkshead Angling club member Shaun Hunter had a day to remember. Fishing from the boats Shaun took 16 Rainbows to 3lb+ on worm fished at 15 feet deep. Also fishing similar tactics John Gardner has taken 25 rainbows and browns over 2 visits. John?s best fish is a 4lb rainbow.
Season ticket angler Bill Hethrington from Barrow had a good day on the spinner, taking 6 rainbows to 3lb+, from the boats!
Dave Wragg, from Derby took a 3lb 8oz rainbow, plus 11 others, on worm from the boats.
Kristian Mead, Tim Smith and Adam Dlugoszewski from Northamptonshire all fished worm, deep from the boats and landed 6 rainbows to 2lb 8oz.
Meanwhile John Price from Essex fished fly and took 5 rainbows and 2 browns on fast sinking line and lure combo?s from the boats. John tempted his catch on boobies and nymphs fished washing line style!
Kaleb Patterson, aged 12 from Bolton fished with his dad from the boats and took 2 rainbows on float fished worm.
Best areas include the weather buoy, right up to swimming pool in the North basin. Meanwhile the cages and strickland bay are the best areas in the South basin, with the ticket office frontage also producing good numbers of fish. Best bank areas continue to be the point opposite the ticket office and the boathouse stretch on the eastern bank.
If anyone wants to join Hawkshead Angling Club, for the 2012 season which has now got NO geographical boundaries for eligibility, please contact the club secretary Emma Macintosh on 015394 36116 or email Membership is �135 for adults or �31 for juniors and members qualify for a 60% discounts on the boats.
For up to the minute information follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For our latest report and all the information you need log onto
The fantastic fishing continues here on Esthwaite Water with some truly outstanding catches reported! Huge hatches of olive buzzers, along with hatches of sedges and damsels have provided some hectic surface sport, especially early mornings and late in the evenings. When the sun is high in the sky, the fish have been dispersing off to deeper water to feeding on the daphnia, however those anglers that adapt to the conditions and understand the daily pattern have been recording some excellent sport for the time of year!
England youth star John Macintosh fished the North basin around the weather buoy and landed 6 browns and rainbows to 3lb+, employing a Di-7 and Kelly greens, blobs and nymph combos. Also Peter Johnson from Fife in Scotland took 7 rainbows to 2lb+, fishing a fast sinking line and minkies, again from around the weather buoy in the North basin!
The best method though, by a long chalk lately has been worm fished deep from the boats. Either around the cages or in the middle of the North basin, over the deeper stretches of the lake!
Mark Stangrom from Harrogate fished from the boats and recorded 5 rainbows to 4lb 8oz, fishing worm, 15-20 feet down.
Meanwhile season ticket holder John Gardner from Morecambe has been taking the place apart. Over 3 visits John has landed 23 browns and rainbows. John took rainbows to 3lb and returned a cracking grown on Brown Trout of 5lb 8oz. All Johns fish were taken on fly and worm from the boats!
Also fishing worms deep, Shaun Peacock, Kevin Peacock and Terry Day from Preston landed 10 rainbows to 4lb 12oz from the boats. Mr Evans a visiting angler from Ipswich took 5 rainbows again on similar tactics.
Venue regular John Blenkey from Newcastle also experienced a fantastic days sport taking 3 rainbows to 4lb on worm from the boats.
However star of the show was Harris Golden aged 6 from Manchester, who took this cracking brace of rainbows to 2lb 12oz, fishing spinner, from the boats with his dad.
Bank anglers are experiencing some good sport, however the best swims at present tend to be the point opposite the ticket office and the boathouse stretch on the eastern bank. There have been good reports from both of those areas and worm fished deep under a sliding float have been the successful tactics!
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