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Grahams Pond Huntingdon
Contact details:
Tel 01480351034
Mobile 07879000544
Saturday 24 September 2011
Remain very good. Big Carp continue to feed well, with the best results coming from section 2. All baits seam to be working well. Those that are fishing close to the big read island seam to be doing the best. In the afternoons, some Carp leave the island and move to the bank side weed beds. Denis White reports a Perch of 2lb-9oz, along with a Carp of 12lb on Shrimp. Denis also lost 2 good fish from peg 14. Reg Brown had 4 small Carp down the inside on pellet, and reports a lot more moving around close to the bank. Reg fished peg 23. Reg was back again yesterday (Friday) but I don't now how he got on yet.
Work has now started on getting the pond, and surrounding land ready for next spring.The hard bit is done, that was the grass. living on the banks were the grass was long is a very large head of field Mice. These are now very vulnerable to attack from Sparrow Hawks. So one part of the grass has been left as a safe haven for them, and this area of uncut grass will be expanded next year. All I have to do now is contact DR Do-little so he can tell the Mice were to go. There is also lots of caterpillars, they seam to be every were, and I think they belong to different types of butterflies because they are all different colours.
Is there anyone out there that grows trailing plants for hanging baskets? These will be required next year. I now that I have tried baskets before, and have nether looked good, but I want to try something different. Get back to me please.
There is currently 4 persons interested in taking over the pond in the future. Is there anyone else out there? You will be kept informed of all developments as they happen.
Saturday 17 September 2011
The 4 team match at the pond turned out to be a 3 team match. One team that was going to fish did not get conformation in time for them to take part. (that's the trouble with holidays). On the day, section 1 did not fish well as a lot of fish had moved into section 2 were some anglers was bagging up with fish. Fishy - Fun went for the ponds Carp as expected, The Spitfires went for the skimmers, and Kens Northern hopefuls went for what ever they could get. Nick Ohlmann (fishy-fun) in peg 5 used a method feeder, hooked 6 Carp and landed 1 on sweet Corn.Team mate Tony watlin (fishy-fun) in peg 1 also got a small Carp and lost another. Jonathan Berkett (spitfires) was in peg 12 and fished maggot for a mixed net of small fish.
At the end it finished with.
Fishy-Fun 14lb-14oz
Spitfires 9lb-6oz
Kens Northern hopefuls 4lb-oz
Huntingdon's Dave Williams had a good day in peg 22. Dave fished the lead tight to the big read island with meat and had 8 Carp the best was 9lb. And Dave lost 2 more, but he still had a few Hrs fishing to go after I saw him, so he may have had some more. Brampton's Jo ford was also amongst the fish. Jo fished peg 7 with a feeder against the far bank for 7 carp, best was 8 1/2 lb.
Saturday 10 September 2011
A few years ago.
Some of you may remember young Daniel that was involved with the pond. Well he was fishing, and one day he had a fit. But we was lucky, Not only did he fell backwards, and not into the water, but I was on hand to sort him out. Anyway he was of to hospital, and I was of to his mums house to let them now. At the time all I new was that he lived locally. But he had a fishing licence. This gave his address, and nothing else. All the emergency services have a key to the gate, should it be locked. last weekend I had a angler that parked his car right in front of the gate. I asked him to put it to one side (he was fishing 10 yards away) but was not moved. I even told him why. The same anger came fishing this weekend. and parked in the same place, blocking the gate. This time I tolled him not to come back any more. This he thought was funny, I owe it to you and your families to make the site as safe as I can. You never now what is around the corner. And Daniel, as far as I am aware, his health problems have built up and now more fits, alone with immunity that we all have, and he is fine now.
Kens Northern Hopefuls.
Are collecting some water Lilly's on Sunday. And as most of you are aware have requested a match against the Spitfires. This was agreed, then Fishy - Fun put a team in. Now there is a 4th team that has entered Dean Bayliss has entered a team. The name is not familiar to me, but I wish them every success in the 4 way match. Because of the predicted gales, section 2 may be used for this event. A decision will be made at 5/30 am.
Huntingdon Community Radio.
Fizz the boss at Stan I Sports (girls are always the boss) was one of the drivers to get the England team over to Italy last week. Fizz was also on the bank to help the team in the match. We will both be on the show today at 3 pm. HCR transmit on 104 fm, but you can here use on line world wide. I do not now if phone lines will be open, but fizz and myself will welcome your comments and questions. There number is 01480 414104.
Today 3 pm HCR RADIO.
Sunday 11/9/11. 4 way team match, draw 7 am, fishing from 8 am until 1 pm.
Saturday 03 September 2011
Huntingdon District Council.
Countryside Services came to the pond with a load of adults that needed extra help. Every one had a good time and all got some fish that put a smile on there faces.
I will be away on Monday, and will be back on Thursday. My brother Philip will be running the pond in my absence. This means that I will not be able to take your phone calls, or emails in this period. however you can still book your fishing in advance if you wish, just send a email to I will also reply to your emails on my return.
3 WAY.
The match between KENS NORTHERN HOPEFULS Vs SPITFIRES Vs FISHY FUN on the 11th should be a real cracker. It will be down to tactics, Kens anglers are on top up in the north west, but will they be able to read the pond and get the best out of it? The Spitfires are fishing there home water and have a big advantage over there rivals and should counteract the extra skills that the northerners have. Fishy Fun have always gone for the ponds good head of Carp from the of. If the Carp feed well, they will not need many fish, as they run to a good size. We will now in a few days time. There is still time for you to enter a team in this event, but you will not here from me until next Thursday because of my holyday.
Good or bad luck.
When Reg Brown came fishing the other day he put his rod down, just to see it zip across the pond by a Carp. This was bad luck, or was it very good luck, as I was there to get it back for him. He lost this fish, and 5 more after that when his 7lb line parted. If you do leave your rod unattended, take the bait of first.

Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery Report
With autumn fast approaching, the lake continues to fish extremely well. The fish are now officially back near the surface, however there are still a few fish getting caught as deep as 15 feet. Mornings and evenings still seem to be the best times for surface feeding with good hatches of buzzers and sedges provoking a lot of activity. When conditions are right, its well worth presenting daddies and hoppers too! The bulk of the fish though are being taken on the intermediate and sinking lines, in conjunction with fry patterns and damsel nymphs. Best areas from the boats include the weather buoys and boathouse stretch on the eastern bank in the North basin and the cages and ticket office frontage in the South basin. Best bank fishing is still the boathouse banking on the eastern shore and the point opposite the ticket office.
Season ticket holder John Johnstone from Surrey caught 5 rainbows from the boats in front of the ticket office. John employed sinking line and zonkers to take some beautifully conditioned fish to 4lb 1oz.
Another season rod who is finding the fish is John Gardner. He caught 16 rainbows over 5 visits from the boats on a combination of fly and worm, with his best fish tipping the scales at 2lb 8oz! Meanwhile Jim Miller has taken 18 rainbows and browns to 3lb+, over 4 visits! Richard Maddox has landed 8 in two visits, again to a combination of fly and worm. Also Tony Topup took 1 brownie and 4 rainbows on worm and fly!
Jim Ratallic from Leicester fished a floating line and damsels from the boats to record 8 rainbows to 2lb+.
Worm and spin anglers have really been getting stuck into some great action of late too. Mark Blaylock from Carlisle fished from the boats and took 4 fish on mepps spinner, with his best fish a stunning looking blue trout of 3lb 12oz.
Jamie Hilton from Leigh took 3 rainbows on spinner to 4lb from the boats.
Meanwhile Reg Bright from Dumfries took 4 rainbows to 4lb 8oz on spinner from the boats.
Volodymyr Chystakov from London experienced a bank session to remember and took 6 rainbows from the ticket office banking on spinner to 2lb+.
The final of the 2011 Esthwaite Water Open Pairs competition was contested at the weekend with 24 anglers weighing in 65 trout for a total weight of 109lb 4oz. In third place Adam Larbalestier and Ben Bayliss weighed in 8 fish for 12lb 15oz. In second place John Henshall and Mike Laycock weighed in 8 fish for 14lb 1oz and in first place Tom Nelson and Jon Henderson stormed the field of opposition and weighed in 9 fish for 14lb 13oz. Well done to those boys and a full report will follow soon!
For up to the minute information telephone the fishery on 015394 36541 or follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery, situated in the beautiful Lake District, will be hosting the inaugural Esthwaite Kayak Predator Grand Slam competition on Sunday 30th October. There will also be a practice day on Saturday 29th October. The competition is open to all kayak anglers. It is run jointly with the Angling Trust and Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery and the total cost of entry, including practice day is �40.
The general format for the competition will include catching three predatory species from the lake, Trout, Perch and Pike which must be photographed and measured. The winner of the grand slam will be the longest combined length of all the target species. Fishery rules of fly, spin and worm will apply!
The competition will run from first light until 4pm, with the presentation taking place shortly after and will include a pint and a pie for each competitor.
This will be a superb opportunity for kayak anglers to fish this prolific venue and meet other like minded kayak anglers from around the country.
The event is sponsored by Savagear, Okuma, Baitbox and Coarse Angling Today, who are donating some fabulous prizes for what promises to be a fantastic weekend of camaraderie.
Please contact the fishery for registration and to find out more details, telephone 015394 36541 or email.
During the latter part of August, Esthwaite fished extremely well again. What used to be considered as the ?Dog Days? of summer has been proved over the last few years to be a thing of the past, with better fishing experienced during July and August, than say June. With are first wave of warm weather coming as early as April this year and the lake stratifying much earlier than usual, it has been a peculiar year to say the least!
Anyway back to the fishing and as I write this report cooler weather has been dominant over the last couple of weeks and with longer colder nights, the water is cooling slowly and encouraging the fish closer to the surface for longer periods during the day and fly fisherman are starting to reap the rewards of this with some cracking sport reported. There are still huge hatches of olive and fawn buzzers, along with sedges and damsels and when the fish are up on the top, daddies and hoppers are also worth a try. When the fish are not free rising try fry patterns on a sinking line for best results!
Season ticket angler Bill Hethrington from Barrow took 5 rainbows to 3lb+ on sinking line and lures from the boats. Another season ticket angler who has done well on fly is good ol? Jim Miller from Keswick, he also took 5 rainbows to 5lb 8oz. Jim?s fish were all taken on cats whisker and blob combo?s. Richard Maddox continues his good run with 22 rainbows and browns over 3 visits. His best fish was a rainbow of 5lb 8oz and all ?Dickies? fish came from the boats, on a combination of tactics, including fly and worm!
Hawkshead Angling Club members Geoff Gregory and Jamie Timmins also took to the boats for an afternoon and evening session and landed 21 rainbows and browns to 3lb 8oz. All Geoff?s and Jamies fish were taken on worm and spinner!
Season rod John Gardner has also been consistent, recording 17 rainbows and browns over 3 visits to 4lb 8oz. Again John?s fish were taken on a combination of fly and worm fished from the boats.
Grant Hart from Darlington also had a superb 4lb 2oz rainbow on a spinner fished from the boats.
Best areas on the lake continue to be the weather buoys in the North basin and the cages area in the South basin. Best bank fishing is still from the point opposite the ticket office and the boathouse stretch on the Eastern bank!
For up to the minute information please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For all other information log onto

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