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Shetland consists of a cluster of islands just off the northeast coast of Scotland. To the west of the islands is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the east, the North Sea. Not all of the Shetland islands are inhabited. The main method of transport between the islands is usually ferry. Shetland is also home to very large colonies of birds.

The Islands of Shetland

The main and largest island is known as Mainland. Other islands include Balta, Bigga, Bressay, Bruray, Burra, Fetlar, Fair Isle, Foula, Hascosay, Hermaness, Hildasay, Housay, Lamba, Linga, Mousa, Muckle Roe, Noss, Oxna, Papa Stour, Samphrey, Trondra, Vaila, Unst, Uyea, Vaila, Vementry, Whalsay, and Yell.

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