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West Bridgford, Nottingham - serving anglers from the local community and also providing a comprehensive Mail Order service to the UK, Europe and beyond.
0115 9813834
Matchman Supplies fishing tackle online specialises in Carp fishing, Match fishing and Predator Angling. We sell good quality tackle (often at discounted prices) including fishing rods, fishing reels, landing and keep nets, bait, clothing, luggage, terminal tackle, fishing starter kits (including junior rods and telescopic rods) to the whole UK and Europe including Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Luxemborg. We offer free postage to UK addresses on everyth  more...
Matchman Supplies Premier Angling Centre

World-wide from North Yorkshire
01757 333003
We are a manufacturer and retailer of fly fishing flies for trout & salmon and many other species. Huge stocks of flies, tackle and accessories for the fly fisherman delivered world-wide. We stock manufacturers of equipment including Snowbee, Sonik Sports, Wychwood, Cortland, Jarvis Marine and many more tackle manufacturers.
We have supplies of fly tying materials and tools from great bran  more...
The Essential Fly

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